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This Week: We’re Inspired By

1. Life in grace Edie defines inspiration.She writes the purpose of her blog is to  "inspire and encourage you to live with intention, love with passion, and serve your people well." And that's just what she does, with a healthy dose of yummy recipes, good books, parenting confessions, and the … Keep Reading

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Enjoying Snow Days in Style

For many of us, the thought of dressing for cold winter weather conjures up images of giant puffy coats and snow swirling about. But winter wardrobes don’t often get enough credit. Cozy jackets and great boots can help you brave a day of romping in the snowbanks, exploring your favorite downtown, or … Keep Reading

Chukka Boot

Shoe Reviews: The Chukka Boot

Hey Gents (and ladies), We know, when it comes to men’s style, most often, less is more and versatility is a must. Enter, the Chukka Boot. The Chukka … Keep Reading

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Warm Weather Essentials

For those of us stuck in freezing temps, daydreaming of warmer weather gets us through to spring. For those of you who were smart enough to book travel … Keep Reading