This Week: We’re Inspired By

This Week 12.5.14 Bloggers We're Inspired By

1. Head to Toe Chic
Aside from her adorable pup, we love how Angela shows us how to adapt the latest trends for everyday life. Her outfit guides are fabulous and her budget-friendly mindset makes her so blog the right mix of aspirational and attainable.

2. Zoella
A gal that can sell 78,000 copies of her first book (Girl Online) in the opening week is a gal that tops our list. Meet Zoe, a 24 year old writer & enthusiast of all things beauty, fashion and life related.

3. 101 Cookbooks
Feast your eyes on one of our favorite recipe journals. Heidi’s eloquent and descriptive writing compliments her healthy dishes that will make your mouth water. And when she shares that clouds moved her to whip up something decadent, we are reminded that inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes.

4. No Fat No Whip
A picture is a worth 1,000 words. Within this beautiful collection of photography and motivational quotes (that we admit, you can get a little lost in), we’re sure you’ll find something that speaks to you, too.

5. The Mom Edit
Shana channels a cool city-mom vibe that’s comfortable and stylish (and washable). We can’t help but agree with her approach to style, “I believe that good style has no rules and that there’s nothing chic about discomfort.  But in general, the backbone of a well-functioning closet should include: a seriously cool pair of shoes.” Get comfortable with The Mom Edit.

This Week: We’re Inspired By

This week we're inspired by round up

1. Unabashedly Preppy

Looking for a fresh take on your classic preppy men’s fashion? F.E. will give you your fix, but you’ll also find amazing photographs of everyday style that brings it all to life.

2. Penny Pincher Fashion

We just stumbled upon Kimberly’s blog and love her sensible approach to fashion. She pulls together flawless “steals” looks that will make you feel like your closet has hit the jackpot.

3. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is not actually scary at all. Jill and her fantastic team are relatable and help those of us moms remember that we all love our children fiercely, even if we’re not always “perfect.”

4. The Pioneer Woman

Ree invites you into her home and her life on her frontier with such authentic manner, you feel like you want to join her in her kitchen while she cooks. And it doesn’t hurt that she inspires us to (try to) make spectacular food without unnecessary fanfare.

5. Life Hacker

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for nearly anything, Lifehacker should be on your reading list. From reliable tech tips to shopping guides, we learn something new every day.


This Week: We’re Inspired By

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1. A Beautiful Mess
Elsie and Emma consistently inspire us to tap into our creativity. We especially love their “Sister Style” and they have been showing off some great fall looks!

2. Allie Wears
Amongst a sea of neutrals, Allie has mastered the pop of color. And she can pull off a hat flawlessly – a trend that can be a bit daunting and tricky to do well.

3. Style Wire
Our fellow Bostonian, Elissa, reminds us it’s possible to look stylish all year round – even during a New England winter! Her thoughtfully crafted ensembles are always classy and streamlined, yet also weather-appropriate.

4. The Boston Fashionista 
Kristen manages to transition from classic chic to trendy bohemian with ease, which is one of our favorite things about keeping up with this local fashionista. Plus, this gal knows how to accessorize; from statement pieces to sunglasses, she is always on point.

5. Mon Petit Chou Chou 
We can always go for a little French inspiration, which is how Noelani first caught our eye! She always manages to make comfy look chic – which is every stylite’s goal in life, right?

In Their Shoes

FB-Posts-In-Their-Shoes-finals-1 (3)

For so many of us, this time of year is a happy time – filled with family, friends and joy. At ShoeBuy, the holidays also remind us how very fortunate we are in so many ways, and we like to take the opportunity to give back to others who may need a bit of support. Our “In Their Shoes” campaign runs this week to help us to do just that by supporting the work of some very wonderful non-profit organizations. We’re proud to give back to the community and hope you will join us in making a difference in the lives of others. Read on to learn about the charities we are working with this year.

HOW YOU CAN HELP customers that shop with the offer code “INSHOES2014” through November 13th will be contributing to the donation efforts, with a portion of each of these sales going to the four participating charities.

The Home provides a seamless continuum of vital programs and services for every stage of child and family development. For more than 200 years, The Home has earned a reputation for doing whatever it takes to strengthen vulnerable families and keep children safe in their own communities, even when they don’t have family support. Serving children and youth from birth to 22, The Home makes a positive impact on more than 7,000 lives each year through a network of services including behavioral health, therapeutic residential and special education, adoption and foster care. As the first child service agency in the country, the organization continues its innovative work today to care for some of the most vulnerable children and families in Massachusetts and help them through some of the hardest times of their lives. Watch to learn more about The Home.

Since 2010, nearly 25 thousand homeless veterans have obtained needed housing, employment, and supportive services thanks to the efforts of service providers across the country that make up the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring our nation reaches its goal of ending veteran homelessness. Learn more about the great work this organization does for our veterans at

Founded in 2011, Team Impact is a non-profit that is committed to improving the quality of life for children facing life threatening and chronic illnesses by matching these courageous kids with local college athletic teams. Team IMPACT children are drafted onto the team and become an official member of the team from Draft Day through to Graduation. The child joins the athletic team and the student athletes join the child’s support team.  The child gains great strength, camaraderie and support and the student athletes are taught lessons about courage, resiliency and life perspective that they can’t learn in a classroom.  Team Impact has matched over 570 kids on teams at 275 colleges and universities across the country. We’d like to introduce you to a one of many of these inspiring children.

Meet Ben:

From its humble, “pass the hat” beginnings in depression-era 1939, to serving over 250,00 footwear employees and their families today, Two Ten’s commitment to providing emergency financial assistance, scholarships, counseling services and community building programs continues to uphold its 75 year legacy of changing lives. Here is just one story of the work the Two Ten is doing to help.

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We’re so glad you stopped by to visit. At Shoebuy, we have more shoes than anywhere else – plus plenty of bags, accessories, and clothing, too. We’re committed to offering you an endless selection of loved brands, sought-after styles, and hard-to-find sizes.

Here, Inside the Box, we’re excited to share our insights and views on all things shoe- and style-related to help you stay inspired and in the know. Whether you’re a shopaholic, a shop-a-phobic, or somewhere in between, we know that sometimes an insider’s perspective can be helpful. So that’s what we’re here for.

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