Gear For Your Goal: Getting to the Gym

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Are you still feeling as motivated to achieve that New Year’s Resolution as when you started out? Whether you’re feeling great or looking for a little inspiration, gym gear can be just the right pick me up. While you may have workout pants and tanks in your arsenal, a great bag might be the refresh your workout needs to stay on track. After all, who doesn’t want peace of mind that you’ve got all your essentials every time you get to the locker room AND and that you’ve got great style when you do.

Getting you to the gym!

A gym bag doesn’t need to look like a piece of luggage, but it should fit a change of clothes, some essential toiletries and your workout kicks. Remember, if you feel good when you’re heading out the door, chances are, you’re even more likely to peel yourself away from everything else on your to-do list (and yes, we count binge-watching TV shows as items on to-do lists).

  1. Look for bags with pockets to keep things organized like this style from Baggallini, which will give you lots of different ways to pack and features vinyl pouch for wet clothes too.
  2. You may also want a bag with compartments to keep your shoes separate from your clothes and other gear, like these from Puma and Haiku.
  3. Many bags also feature options for carrying your yoga mat like this duffel from Sherpani, so now you’ll just need one bag no matter what your workout plans are.
  4. Ever thought of using a diaper bag as a gym bag? Diaper bags are notorious for multiple compartments and extreme organization so they make great gym bags! This bag from Ju-Ju-Bee is a ShoeBuyer fave.

1. baggalini 2. puma2haiku
3. sherpani14. jujube

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