Après Ski Essentials


Whether you’ve just retired from a long day of racing your friends down the slopes or choose to hang out on the mountain sans skis and snowboard, ShoeBuy has all the Après Ski must-haves for looking chic and staying warm.

For Her

Outerwear: You really can’t get by without having a good, warm coat. Choose one that has fun details, a flattering cut, and great color. A warm puffy vest is also an option for the days above freezing. Layer it over a thick sweatshirt or sweater to show off some cool sleeves! Cozy Sweaters: A great winter sweater is also a ski staple. A crew neck with a quirky animal is lighthearted and serves as a great talking point. A knit poncho looks stellar with skinny jeans or leggings, and is easy to throw on over any top.


Black leggings are always a smart choice, but why not switch it up and sport a pair that has a little more pizazz? Stark White snow pants are perfect to transition from skiing to lounging while multicolored leggings in muted tones provide an elevated look without being too distracting. Layer a skirt over your leggings for a fun look that gives extra warmth and style.


Beanies are the perfect snow bunny accessory. Typically at lower price points, you can grab a different hat for all your go-to winter outfits. And remember, it may be cold out but the sun is still glaring throughout the winter, so grab a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes and make any look more fashion-forward. Gloves and arm warmers are great additions that can keep your outfit neutral, or add some pop! More winter accessories here.  


Snow boots come in such a variety of styles now, with varying heights, materials, and colors. Mix and match your favorite winter socks with your boots for endless possibilities!


For Him

Outerwear: A vintage inspired vest is a perfect, easy layer that screams Après ski a la 1970s. You can’t go wrong with a classic black puffer coat either. Sweaters: Rich textures and soft neutrals make these sweaters ideal for relaxing with friends by the fire.  

Two Toned snow pants are unexpected and modern. Dodge snowballs in style.

Boots: Waterproof duck boots will carry you through all sorts of slush you may encounter. A pair of sturdy snow boots with a heavy duty outsole prepare you for the iciest terrain.

A rugged hat and tartan scarf are classic investment pieces to wear every season. They are both masculine, and practical. Sporty beanies and cold-weather socks come in fun colors and patterns, so grab a bunch for a more youthful look.


A waterproof bag will take you far. Choose a bright color so it stands out in the snow! Roll up a blanket and bring it to the lodge to snuggle by the fire. Bringing the baby to the mountain? Try an adorable puffer onesie! A sophisticated print ensures maximum cuteness.



And for those of you looking for the toughest performance gear for the slopes, we’ve got you covered there too. A pair of compression tights or leggings increase circulation and reduces muscle damage and fatigue. Padded socks provide extra protection, and this pair has high density cushioning, for comfort around the entire foot and lower leg. A warm beanie built for winter sports is perfect for underneath your helmet. A form fitting base layer is essential to retain body heat, but isn’t going to be too stuffy.

Photos from whowhatwear.com (left) and Vogue.co.uk (center & right).

Photos from whowhatwear.com (left) and Vogue.co.uk (center & right).

Just because you have to bundle up doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! What’s your favorite Après ski piece?


Looking Back: Top 10 Shoe Styles of 2015 for Him & Her


2015 was a good year for footwear. While new styles gained fashion ground, older looks reemerged as cool comeback kids. So what better way to ring out the old and usher in the new than to take a walk down shoe memory lane? Here, we’ve compiled the top 10 styles of 2015 for both him and her, as chosen by you, our trendy ShoeBuyers!


Shoes for guys in 2015 meant business. Oxfords and loafers boasting clean lines and sharp details were all the rage, and easily transitioned from day to night, board to bar room. More men also began to embrace updated boot styles like chukka and Chelsea, while certain tried-and-trues, like Timberland’s PRO series, maintained their rightful top-ranking positions. Athletic shoes, from running sneakers to hiking shoes and hiking boots, were also popular, with brands such as Brooks and Merrell leading the pack.


The real star of 2015 shoe trends for women was the bootie. With its shorter, versatile design, gals of all ages embraced this fashion phenomenon. Sneakers, athletic and those of the slip-on and canvas varieties, were also popular, as athleisure became increasingly prevalent as a look in and of itself. Boots, including duck boots, classic UGG® and Sorel® favorites and riding boots remained cool weather staples, while oldie-but-goodie brands like Birkenstock and Dr. Martens reminded us that quality never goes out of style.

So there you have it: 2015 in shoes. Be sure to check back in the next few days as we take a look at upcoming trends for 2016!

We’d love to hear from you – which trend do you love best? Any from past years you wish would come back or hope to never see again? Share your favorite look or most embarrassing shoe faux pas story in the comments below!

A Complete Guide to the Hunter & Huntress Style


Over the past few years, the hunter and huntress styles for both men and women have exploded in popularity, stretching beyond the great North and reaching the fashionable cobblestone streets of Boston and beyond. Characterized by forest hues and thick, durable materials, this gear was once reserved for the serious lover of the sport and was grounded in function rather than fashion. The hunter or huntress “look” as its known today, however, is a defined and noticeable trend.


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So what’s the big deal?

Last year, a popular retailer sold-out of their famous pair of duck boots, a.k.a., Bean Boots.

Panic ensued.

This season, to avoid potential calamity, we’ve compiled complete looks inspired by the phenomenon for both men and women. Paired with your favorite jeans or khakis, there are 5 key components to achieving the Hunter or Huntress look, and they are as follows: The Hunting Sweater. The Hunting Vest. The Hunting Coat. The Hunting Socks. And last, but certainly not least, The Hunting Boots.


Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Woolrich-Boysen-Half-Zip Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Woolrich-Roundtrip-Fair-Isle-Sweater

Woolrich Boysen Half ZipWoolrich Roundtrip Fair Isle Crew Sweater


Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Pendleton-Creswell-Fleece-Vest Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Nau-Poplin-Down-Vest

Pendleton Creswell Fleece Vest | Nau Poplin Down Vest


Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Carhatt-Active-Duck-Quilted-Jacket Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Woolrich-Giant-Buffalo-Wool-Coat

Carhartt Duck Active Quilted Flannel Lined JacketWoolrich Giant Buffalo Wool Coat


Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Wigwam-Merino-Comfort-Hiker-Sock Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Smartwool-Popcorn-Cable-Sock

Wigwam Merino Comfort HikerSmartwool Popcorn Cable


Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Sorel-1964-T-Boot Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Sperry-Topsider-Saltwater

Sorel 1964 Premium TSperry Top-Sider Saltwater Duck Boot


Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Token-Waxed-Northern-Duffle-Bag Blog-Hunter-Huntress-Product-Casual-Barn-CLBS002

Token Waxed Northern Duffel BagCasual Barn CLBS002

Possibly the best part about this style is that it serves double-duty. With layer after layer of interesting prints, expertly woven fabrics, and well-crafted utility pieces, you’ll stay warm (and dry!) this fall while keeping on-trend.

Can’t get enough? Check out our lineup of best duck boot picks for her and him for even more inspiration. Happy hunting.


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Duck Boots: Get Yours Before They’re Gone


If you’ve coveted those famous Bean Boots in the past but perhaps weren’t able to score a pair last season, now is the perfect time to grab yours for the colder months. With The Farmer’s Almanac predicting another tough winter ahead and the duck boot look now quite fashionable, if you don’t have a pair – or yours are circa early 2000s – it’s time to gear up.

We asked our style experts for their picks for this season’s coolest look. Topping their lists are styles from a great selection of top brands, such as Pajar, Sorel and The North Face, along with Sperry duck boots, too. You’ll find waterproof options to keep you dry, and even a range of insulated boots to help get you through the colder months in style. From the more traditional look to fresh picks inspired by the best features of the originals, there’s sure to be a pair here to suit your fancy.

Our Picks For Women:

100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-2 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-3 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-4
100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-5 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-7 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-8100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-6
Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater | Sperry Top-Sider White Water Boot | Sorel Slimpack Riding Tall Boot | Crocs AllCast Luxe Duck Boot

Superior Boot Co. Traditional 6-Eye Duck BootThe North Face Shellista II Mid Boot | Pajar Grip Zip Boot | A2 by Aerosoles Barricade Duck Boot


Our Picks For Men:

100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-10100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-11  100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-12 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-13

100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-14 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-15 100815-Duck-Boots-BLOG-Thm-16

Sperry Top-Sider Cold Bay Boot | Sorel 1964 Premium T | Sorel Caribou | Sorel Cheyanne Lace

Superior Boot Co. Twin Gore Duck Boot | The North Face Ballard Duck Boot | Pajar Burham

Don’t miss out on getting your pair this season — shop our full collection of  duck boots to get you ready for those wet-weather days!

Be sure to grab yourself a waterproof boot  for some extra benefits! Take a look at all of our styles for men and for women.


Shoe Reviews: Duck Boots

Duck Boots Shoe Review

We’re talking Duck Boots today – a popular boot style in the early 1900’s making a modern day resurgence – that is always a favorite in the winter season. Our shoe experts here gave us the download on Duck Boots, so you’ll feel in the know too when shopping for these essentials.

As you’ve likely guessed by the name, hunters who waded through the waters of New England trailing ducks were the first to sport these weather proof boots. The first mainstream duck boot made its debut in 1912, when L.L. Bean, as the true-blue New England outdoorsman from Maine is now famously referred to, created a waterproof boot that he sold to hunters and outdoorsmen. The boots were made of waterproof lightweight leather uppers and rubber bottoms, to prevent cold and soggy feet. And these rubber-bottomed boots translate well to cold cities with rain and snow. Now, 100 years later, they are a cold weather fashion staple.

Duck Boots remain largely unchanged, but in addition to the classics, today’s styles are infused with color and pattern too. Here are a few of our favorite things about these timeless boots:

  • Waterproof protection of rubber combined with the comfort of leather
  • Full-grain leather sheds the rain and snow
  • Good traction on slick ice or in the mud and they’re pliable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Best of all, they’re stylish after all these years

Fan Favorites
ShoeBuyers can’t get enough of Duck Boots this season, here are some fan favorites:

“They keep me warm without excessive heat that can happen easily in the city.”
Sperry Top Sider Avenue Duck Boot

“Warm, durable, and comfortable”
Superior Boot Co. Pull On Duck Boot

Whoever says “they don’t build things like they used to,” doesn’t own a pair of Duck Boots. Permission to puddle jump.

Time to get your own pair? Here are some more Duck Boots to peruse.