Happy Holidays from ShoeBuy!


We cannot believe this transformative year is already coming to an end… seasons changed, old styles went and new trends began, and our blog celebrated its very first birthday! We are so appreciative of all of our loyal ShoeBuyers who continuously inspire us to think outside of the box!

From our ShoeBuy family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a healthy New Year! We hope the miles your shoes have gone in 2015 have been full of good memories and laughter with the ones you love. Here’s to YOU, and to a fantastic 2016!

This Week We’re Inspired By


1. The Good Girl Gone Blog
Alana, a Boston based blogger, is the voice of Good Girl Gone Blog and has made it her mission to write relatable posts on all of our favorite topics like fashion, beauty, food, and home. This blog is a great destination for all you ladies out there who love to sit back and enjoy a good read.

2. Hither and Thither
If you’ve got the travel bug, Ashley’s blog may inspire your next trip! We love following along on her family journeys and all of her tips to make family travel, although at times hectic, very doable. A highlight of her blog is her “5 Things” column, which features city guides from other bloggers. Before traveling, it’s always great to get insight from locals themselves.

3. My Fitness Pal
MyFitnessPal has some great content in general, but their blog, “Hello Healthy”, is also overflowing with great recipes, easy workouts, and endless fitness inspiration. One of our favorite tips for summer with vacation travel on the horizon: “Try to squeeze in some movement, hydrate and think about snacks in advance so you can be in charge of your options, not the rest stop of airport food court.”

4. Design Sponge
Packed with tips and ideas to update your living space, all things interior design can be found on this fantastic blog. With features on home renovations, redecorating, DIY, food & drink, and travel, Design Sponge is one of our favorite destinations for endless home inspiration.

5. Kendi Everyday
If you love a good #OOTD inspired blog post to get you thinking about your next ensemble, look no further than Kendi Everyday. Blogger Kendi always seems to curate the perfect outfit for every occasion. Pulling together a complete outfit that’s both effortless and fashionable can be difficult, but thankfully she offers helpful tips to accomplish all your own style goals.

This Week We’re Inspired By


1. The Fashionably Broke
Shopping on a budget can be difficult, and sometimes, it can feel like you can’t achieve a look without buying high-end items. Sisters Natalie and Eriko Pinto have been able to prove otherwise. You’ll want to shop with these gals when you scroll through their great street style with looks showing off how to rock a pair of classic Lacoste sneakers to working in statement pieces.

2. Apartment Therapy
This is the perfect blog for the décor obsessed and even those of us who are simply looking to spruce up our own living spaces. Fresh and affordable changes can make all the difference and with doable DIY ideas, fun recipes, and the latest in the world of home keeping, you’ll want to be sure to get your daily dose of Apartment Therapy!

3. Song of Style
Song of Style’s Aimee is a great source of style inspiration — and she makes it looks so effortless. With a focus on taking everyday items and styling them to your own personal look, this blog encourages individuality in fashion, interior design and beauty trends.

4. How Does She
Inspired to support and embrace womanhood, this site sets out to offer helpful tips and to share ideas. From recipes and organizational hacks to how-to videos like this week’s “How to Properly Dry Your Shoes in the Dryer,” there is simply lots of really useful info to dive into here.

5. The Art of Manliness
Geared toward fashionable fellas who love a good look as much as they love sports, this blog offers manly tips and skills, the latest trends in men’s fashion, finance tips and career advice too, along with a section dedicated to relationships and family. Guys, look no further for your daily dose of nearly anything you might need to know.

This Week We’re Inspired By


1. I Spy DIY
“Spot style you love, and do-it-yourself” is Jenni Radosevich’s inspired quote that led her to create one of the most successful DIY blogs in the U.S. With a combination of projects, kits, and how-to videos, this blog is perfect for every creative dabbler out there – even those of us who are  DIY first-timers.

2. The Big Outside
Michael Lanza’s blog is the ultimate outdoor collection for the adventurer, with glimpses into amazing experiences and helpful tips about the best expedition tools. With insights on all the national parks in the U.S., the Alps, New Zealand, the Scottish Highlands, and so many more places, The Big Outside will have you thinking about your next adventure for sure.

3. Sprouted Kitchen
Dig into to healthy and natural foods with blogger and new mommy Sara as she shows you the tasty way to eat well. With a full page of fun recipes from A to Z and an innovative cookbook, Sprouted Kitchen is all about bringing health and flavor back to your meals, and it helps remind us to take every opportunity to share great meals with loved ones.

4. Black Girls Run!
Looking for an inspiring story to get you off the bench and on the track? The Black Girls Run! movement is full of feel-good health initiatives that are sure to get you started. Created by former sorority sisters Ashley Hicks and Toni Carey, this once two-woman running group has moved cross-country, motivating women everywhere to get active.

5. Cool Mom Picks
The title says it all. Created by Kristen Chase and Liz Gumbinner in 2006, this blog has become the destination for cool and savvy moms everywhere. Cool Mom Picks understands that as a mom, it can be tough to stay within your budget and still look stylish, so they promote responsible consumerism for household items, great picks for the kids, and fun, doable projects.

This Week: We’re Inspired By


1. The HomeSource 
With spring nearly upon us, not only are fresh fashions on our minds, but also home improvement. Who better to get tools, advice and inspiration from than our friends at HomeAdvisor? From remodeling tips to design ideas, there are lots of great topics to dive into. Added bonus: the how-to videos will make you feel like a pro!

2. i Heart Organizing
Whether you want to spruce up your cube at work or make your laundry room at home more functional, Jen and her team have a bevy of clever organizational ideas to help get you started. Plus, the “Quick Tips” and “Project Gallery” are great places to start and make us feel like we really can get organized one day.

3. Adventure Inspired
Ok, so we know some of you have the luxury of mild weather these days, but since many of us across the country are still seeing snow (and lots of it) outside, it’s fun to check in on how we can make the most of the outdoors, no matter the weather. Katie’s enthusiasm for everything from backpacking in the cold to her trail destinations may have you getting out there before the snow melts this year.

4. Dirtbag Darling
Cabin fever may have us longing for the outdoors even more than usual these days, and we think you’ll like checking out Johnie’s adventures. We love where she takes us but it’s her spirit that really draws us in. So the next time you’re daydreaming of trying something new, check in here first – and you’ll also find some great tips and guides. After all, who says surfing, swimming with sharks or taking on a major mountain climb are just for the experts?

5. Eat Live Run
With the weekend on the horizon, we looked to Jenna’s recipe journal for some ideas on what to cook and got lost in the pasta recipes: YUM. But we also stumbled upon her recent book reviews – after all, she has degrees in English and Creative Writing in addition to her culinary school experience. Might be time to grab a new novel for the next afternoon in!

This Week: We’re Inspired By

this week_1.30
1. Life in grace
Edie defines inspiration.She writes that the purpose of her blog is to  “inspire and encourage you to live with intention, love with passion, and serve your people well.” And that’s just what she does, with a healthy dose of yummy recipes, good books, parenting confessions, and the banjo.

2. Smitten Kitchen
Do you ever scroll past a delicious dish on Pinterest and wish you could replicate it? Now you can with the help of the Smitten Kitchen blog; a great resource for fantastic recipes and step-by-step directions to lead you to your own perfect dish. If you’ve ever wanted to take on the challenge of learning a new recipe, why not now?

3. The Simple Suite
Style is moving in the direction of subtraction: doing away with anything extraneous in favor of pared-down, well-made clothes with subtle or unseen details that make them fit or feel that much better. Simplicity, quality, integrity: This is Esquire’s guide to the new extra 10 percent.

4. Nesting Place
Make your home your own with the help of the decor-savvy blog, Nesting Place. According to this blogger, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” This blog encourages homeowners to make their space as personalized as possible with tips and tricks to create the perfect decor for everyone’s personal style.

5. Ask Lauren Fleshman
Lauren Fleshman, a career runner, shares her insight on health, her chosen sport, healthy food choices, as well as the day-to-day happenings as a woman who lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to be inspired to keep up with your New Year’s fitness resolution, this blog has tons of tips for running and building your health regiment.

This Week: We’re Inspired By

this week_1.9

With 2015 just starting off, new fashion trends are surely on the way, and everyone is making their predictions. Here are a few roundups worth a skim to get a head start on looking great in the new year.

1. The Gloss
It’s pretty cold out there in most parts of the country, but this guide from The Gloss will have you inspired for Spring.

2. Spring 2015 Fashion
From fresh florals to boho looks, 2015 looks like it will be a fun year in fashion. Our favorite: comfortable flats and sneakers! Everything won’t be for everyone, but resolve to try just one this year to freshen up your wardrobe.

3. Easy Men’s New Years Style Resolutions
OK men, we know many of you really do care about looking your best. So here are some easy style ideas you can weave into your repertoire this year.

4. The Every Girl
And if you need to make a little room for the new styles you’re coveting, put organizing your closet on your resolution list. Here is a handy checklist that will stand the test of time to reference and some ideas for what to do with things you decide to say goodbye to.

5. Fashionising
Need help revamping your wardrobe for the new year? We love these 7 simple, yet innovative resolutions to help keep your closet fresh and fierce year round.

This Week: We’re Inspired By

This Week 12.12.14

1. What I Wore
We can’t wait to see what Jessica will wear next, but she really had us when we discovered her past outfits are all available to scroll based on color. Such organization! Not to mention that her amazing maternity style will prove that dressing with a bump has never looked better – and now, we love the peaks into how she’s styling her adorable little man.

2. Chocolate Covered Katie
It’s the holidays and although shopping remains high on the to-do list, baking is right up there. Offering healthier versions of deep-dish cookie pie, one minute chocolate cake, and “21 Secretly Healthy Holiday Cookie Recipes,” Katie’s dessert blog is one you should sink your teeth into.

3. Mind Body Green
This time of year can be frenzied and so once in a while, it’s important to take a moment for wellness too. With tips and advice on everything from power breakfasts to how to really get the most out of a yoga pose, there is something for everyone interested in a healthful lifestyle.

4. Spotify Year in Music
Get lost for a few minutes in the year in review from Spotify. The tunes to explore here are coupled with fun facts and if you’re a Spotify member, you can even get your own personal year in review playlist. Definitely worth checking out if you need a music-inspired break in the day.

5. Jo-Lynne Shane
From gift guides to party appetizers, Jo-Lynne Shane invites you inter home and you will click away feeling inspired to plan your next vacation and equipped to select your next Her blog is about trying to stay sane when you’re generally prone not to, and about making a long-running marriage work.

This Week: We’re Inspired By

This Week 12.5.14 Bloggers We're Inspired By

1. Head to Toe Chic
Aside from her adorable pup, we love how Angela shows us how to adapt the latest trends for everyday life. Her outfit guides are fabulous and her budget-friendly mindset makes her so blog the right mix of aspirational and attainable.

2. Zoella
A gal that can sell 78,000 copies of her first book (Girl Online) in the opening week is a gal that tops our list. Meet Zoe, a 24 year old writer & enthusiast of all things beauty, fashion and life related.

3. 101 Cookbooks
Feast your eyes on one of our favorite recipe journals. Heidi’s eloquent and descriptive writing compliments her healthy dishes that will make your mouth water. And when she shares that clouds moved her to whip up something decadent, we are reminded that inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes.

4. No Fat No Whip
A picture is a worth 1,000 words. Within this beautiful collection of photography and motivational quotes (that we admit, you can get a little lost in), we’re sure you’ll find something that speaks to you, too.

5. The Mom Edit
Shana channels a cool city-mom vibe that’s comfortable and stylish (and washable). We can’t help but agree with her approach to style, “I believe that good style has no rules and that there’s nothing chic about discomfort.  But in general, the backbone of a well-functioning closet should include: a seriously cool pair of shoes.” Get comfortable with The Mom Edit.

This Week: We’re Inspired By

This week we're inspired by round up

1. Unabashedly Preppy

Looking for a fresh take on your classic preppy men’s fashion? F.E. will give you your fix, but you’ll also find amazing photographs of everyday style that brings it all to life.

2. Penny Pincher Fashion

We just stumbled upon Kimberly’s blog and love her sensible approach to fashion. She pulls together flawless “steals” looks that will make you feel like your closet has hit the jackpot.

3. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is not actually scary at all. Jill and her fantastic team are relatable and help those of us moms remember that we all love our children fiercely, even if we’re not always “perfect.”

4. The Pioneer Woman

Ree invites you into her home and her life on her frontier with such authentic manner, you feel like you want to join her in her kitchen while she cooks. And it doesn’t hurt that she inspires us to (try to) make spectacular food without unnecessary fanfare.

5. Life Hacker

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for nearly anything, Lifehacker should be on your reading list. From reliable tech tips to shopping guides, we learn something new every day.