This Week: We’re Inspired By

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1. Life in grace
Edie defines inspiration.She writes that the purpose of her blog is to  “inspire and encourage you to live with intention, love with passion, and serve your people well.” And that’s just what she does, with a healthy dose of yummy recipes, good books, parenting confessions, and the banjo.

2. Smitten Kitchen
Do you ever scroll past a delicious dish on Pinterest and wish you could replicate it? Now you can with the help of the Smitten Kitchen blog; a great resource for fantastic recipes and step-by-step directions to lead you to your own perfect dish. If you’ve ever wanted to take on the challenge of learning a new recipe, why not now?

3. The Simple Suite
Style is moving in the direction of subtraction: doing away with anything extraneous in favor of pared-down, well-made clothes with subtle or unseen details that make them fit or feel that much better. Simplicity, quality, integrity: This is Esquire’s guide to the new extra 10 percent.

4. Nesting Place
Make your home your own with the help of the decor-savvy blog, Nesting Place. According to this blogger, “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” This blog encourages homeowners to make their space as personalized as possible with tips and tricks to create the perfect decor for everyone’s personal style.

5. Ask Lauren Fleshman
Lauren Fleshman, a career runner, shares her insight on health, her chosen sport, healthy food choices, as well as the day-to-day happenings as a woman who lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. If you’re looking to be inspired to keep up with your New Year’s fitness resolution, this blog has tons of tips for running and building your health regiment.

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