This Week: We’re Inspired By


1. The HomeSource 
With spring nearly upon us, not only are fresh fashions on our minds, but also home improvement. Who better to get tools, advice and inspiration from than our friends at HomeAdvisor? From remodeling tips to design ideas, there are lots of great topics to dive into. Added bonus: the how-to videos will make you feel like a pro!

2. i Heart Organizing
Whether you want to spruce up your cube at work or make your laundry room at home more functional, Jen and her team have a bevy of clever organizational ideas to help get you started. Plus, the “Quick Tips” and “Project Gallery” are great places to start and make us feel like we really can get organized one day.

3. Adventure Inspired
Ok, so we know some of you have the luxury of mild weather these days, but since many of us across the country are still seeing snow (and lots of it) outside, it’s fun to check in on how we can make the most of the outdoors, no matter the weather. Katie’s enthusiasm for everything from backpacking in the cold to her trail destinations may have you getting out there before the snow melts this year.

4. Dirtbag Darling
Cabin fever may have us longing for the outdoors even more than usual these days, and we think you’ll like checking out Johnie’s adventures. We love where she takes us but it’s her spirit that really draws us in. So the next time you’re daydreaming of trying something new, check in here first – and you’ll also find some great tips and guides. After all, who says surfing, swimming with sharks or taking on a major mountain climb are just for the experts?

5. Eat Live Run
With the weekend on the horizon, we looked to Jenna’s recipe journal for some ideas on what to cook and got lost in the pasta recipes: YUM. But we also stumbled upon her recent book reviews – after all, she has degrees in English and Creative Writing in addition to her culinary school experience. Might be time to grab a new novel for the next afternoon in!

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